Our Clients
Graffiti designs required us to install an 8 camera CCTV system with remote access to cover key points of their site.
Century Workwear are main importers of Snickers Workwear into the UK. We were required to supply and install an4 camera CCTV system with remote access into their shop. This was to cover the main showroom and monitor a lower showroom. We also upgraded their Wi-Fi system to cover the entire building.
Swan Timber required us to supply and install an 8 camera IP CCTV system to cover their timber yard entrance and an onsite cottage.
We were contacted to test and repair an existing data network in their Head office located in Tunbridge Wells. This was to prepare for a new global VoIP system to be installed. We also Installed a new Wi-Fi system to cover their site. Impressed with our work they then required us to install a new data and Wi-Fi network into their Paris office along with 4 IP cameras. The system we have installed allows viewing from their head office and will be rolled out in their other 15 stores worldwide.
We were required to upgrade an existing data network and install a data cabinet in the pubs main office. We also installed a Unifi Wi-Fi system into the pub and to cover all outside areas. We configured the system with 3 Wi-Fi networks, Back Office, Guest and card pay machines. All 3 networks have a secure Firewall and operate independently using the same equipment.
St James Church Tunbridge Wells
We were required to run a data cable from the old rectory office to the Church vestry to give remote access for their heating system. Being and ancient building we were not allowed to drill holes through the walls, so we had to utilise historical holes as access.
Julie required CCTV coverage of park entrance and fields as a security measure. This was achieved via 4mp IP cameras placed around the park. Also, to supply a stable Wi-Fi solution for guests, we achieved this with Ubiquity Unifi wireless access points placed around the park. The system has 2 wireless networks 1 for the office and 1 for guests both separate from the other.
W R Newlan & Sons is a family owned construction company building hi specification homes in Surrey. We were involved in their last 5 home development where we installed a data hub, Wi-Fi & CCTV in each property turning them into smart homes. The data hub allows each room in the property to have a hard wire Wi-Fi solution and data points for internet in each room.